Pre-Need Funeral

The Regulation and Enforcement Division is responsible for the implementation of the Pre-Need Cemetery and Funeral Registration Act. Any funeral home or cemetery which sells funeral or cemetery merchandise or services prior to the death of the contract beneficiary is required to register with this Division. Linked to the right are the registration forms used by pre-need providers to register with the Division and a complaint form used by consumers who raise complaints about pre-need providers.

In 2009, the Legislature created the Pre-Need Loss Recovery Fund to protect citizens of Mississippi who buy trust-funded Pre-Need plans. A ten dollar ($10) fee must be added to each trust-funded contract. In order to manage these funds, the Pre-Need Loss Recovery Association was also created. The Secretary of State appoints five Directors to this association.

Perpetual Care Cemeteries

Perpetual Care Cemeteries are regulated by the Regulation and Enforcement Division of the Secretary of State’s Office. Perpetual Care Cemeteries must register with our office, though some types of cemeteries are exempt from regulation.

Exempt cemeteries include cemeteries that are affiliated with or owned by churches or religious societies, established fraternal societies, municipalities, or other political subdivisions of the State of Mississippi. Also exempt are family cemeteries, family burial grounds, and community cemeteries.​

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